Where will you be this Sunday when Tom Brady and the Patriots face off against the Eagles in what we hope will be the 6th Championship of the Brady/Belichick era?  There are several options around town if you'd prefer to go out and soak in the fun, however there is nothing quite like a good old fashioned Super Bowl Party, especially when the hometown favorite is playing.  Here are some of our essentials to throwing a great Super Bowl Party 🏈

The Guest List

Leading up to the big game, everyone is sure to be planning what they'll be doing, therefore plan ahead and invite all of your favorite football buddies nice and early to be sure they can all join you.  


The Big Screen 📺

Make sure you have a TV all set up and in a location where everyone will be able to see and hear the game.  There is nothing worse than trying to watch the biggest game of the year, and not having a good view.  Also make sure the sound is nice and loud 🔊 not only for the game, but for the commercials that we all enjoy as well.  

Paper Goods 🍽

When you're doing your party shopping, I suggest stocking up on plenty of paper plates, paper cups, and napkins.  You'll likely be enjoying an array of Super Bowl goodies, and I'm sure the last thing you'll want to do is the dishes.  Have plenty of paper goods on hand, so you and your guests can simply throw them in the trash, and sit down to enjoy the game.   You won't want to miss out on a potential thriller.


Storage Space for the Cold Ones 🍻

Most people will be bringing their beverage of choice, so be sure you have enough space in the refrigerator for them.  If storage space is limited in the refrigerator with all of the food, perhaps an additional cooler to assist with the beverage storage is the way to go.  If your friends show up and do not have a place to keep their drinks cold, you may not be first in line for a high five when the Pats score their first touchdown.


Your Favorite Football Snacks 🍕🍗🍪

What is your favorite football snack?  Is it the wings, nachos, chili, pizza, or pigs in a blanket?  You really can't go wrong with any of those, or perhaps you have another favorite.  Whatever your preferred snack, choose a few of these options to have for everyone to enjoy.


The Win 🏆

Unfortunately this one is out of your control, but we all know that the greatest ending to any Super Bowl Party, is a Big Win