With temperatures warming this week, now is a great time to begin your spring cleaning.  Where do you begin?  We've compiled a list of some great things to do each spring to keep your home fresh and clean.

Freshen up the exterior

One thing that can really change the visual quickly, and help your home to appear nice and clean is a good power washing.  Power wash the siding, decks, and walk ways.  ☝️Pro Tip:  When using a pressure washer on your house, always monitor the amount of pressure carefully so that you do not damage the siding or windows.  Also be careful to not aim at the house with a sharp upward angle, as that could cause water to get behind the siding.

While you're at it, dust off that patio furniture and ready your outdoor entertainment space for the spring and summer. ☀️

Declutter after a winter indoors

After spending more time indoors during the winter, it's quite possible that there's more clutter around the house than you'd like.  Take the time to go through things and eliminate what you can.  Are there clothes that you can donate to good will?  How about toys that the kids just don't use anymore or have grown out of?  Once you assess what is left, pack away those winter clothes and leave what you will want for spring and summer.  While we're talking about storage, Buzzfeed has some great ideas on storage and organization 


Everything you do for spring cleaning will not be fun and visually pleasing, however sometimes those hidden tasks are most important.  One important task that is often over looked is changing the filter in your HVAC system.  If you plan to run central air this summer, change the filter in your forced air system.   Spring is also a great time to hose down those screens in your windows.  Lastly, but certainly not least, spring is a great time to get into the habit of testing those smoke detectors.