Guide to Selling & 21 Point Marketing Plan


Where Did Buyers Find The Home They Purchased

👀Take a look at where buyers found the home they eventually purchased.

The internet is by far and away the #1️⃣ source, followed closely by a Realtor at #2.

This doesn't mean that only 34% use a Realtor; approximately 88% of buyers do - but our role has changed from being the gate-keepers of the listing information to being more of a consultant or advisor throughout the buying & selling process.

🚙 Yard signs still account for about 8% of all sales as buyers drive around neighborhoods they want to live in. 

📰 Way down at the bottom, you will see that print advertising accounts for about 1% of all sales in our industry.  

By the time listings go to print, it is often outdated information.  Buyers have learned to look at more accurate data online.

🌍 Beyond accounting for about 51% of all sales, about 95% of buyers use the internet in some fashion during their home search.

Many real estate agents subscribe to the 3 P's Marketing Plan:

1. Put up a sign

2. Put it in MLS

3. Pray 🙏

We like to do just a little bit more to ensure our client's goals are met.

The Nick Slocum Team - 21 Point Marketing Plan

1. Our Website

Our website is a modern mobile mousetrap. 🐭

It is a proven fact that consumers distrust ugly websites.

🏠Your property deserves to be showcased in all its glory!  

📱 Our website earns the attention of today's modern, mobile buyers.  

Our website is user-friendly, beautiful and captures 100s of leads each month.

2. Professional Photography 📸

According to the National Association of Realtors 2016 Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers report, 89% of buyers had photos at the top of their list as the most useful feature when looking at homes online.

We hire professional photographers on EVERY SINGLE LISTING and firmly believe it's the most important aspect of successfully marketing your property online.  In the old days, there would be one photo of the exterior and buyers would have to visit the home in person to get a good sense of the property's condition & features.  

Today, our first showing is not at the house itself - but online before they ever call or make an inquiry.

Here is a gallery of some of our favorite professional photos from our past listings:

3. Drone Photography, Video & 3D Tours 🚁

When the listing calls for it, we're happy to provide these types of media in hopes of further helping your property stand out from the competition.

📹 Video Examples

3D Matterport Virtual Tour Examples🎥



4. Floor Plans 📏

For every listing, we have a floor plan completed to provide to any potential buyer.  We've received great feedback from buyers on our floor plans as they feel they are one of the most beneficial and easy ways to "place" their furniture 🛋️ and understand the layout of a home.

5. Coming Soon Campaign

Once we have our photos, floor-plans, and other media completed, we'll begin our coming soon marketing campaign.

During this period, our #1 goal is to build buzz 🐝 surrounding your property and create a sense of demand from the marketplace.

Our 1st step is to create a successful & proven Facebook Ad promoting the listing.  We have partnered with the premier leader in the real estate industry for Facebook Advertising and have access to a database with thousands of proven Facebook Ad templates that we can tailor to our listings.

In the case above, we utilize the ability to have potential buyers register through their Facebook Profile to access more images, price & location.  

We pay to boost this in our targeted area 📍 and in turn, exposed this advertisement out in front of approximately 8,000 people in a 3 day time period before the listing went live.

From there, we build a database 🖥️ of potential leads for this property and in your market area which allows us to send out an email blast with the details of the upcoming listing.

6.  Professionally Produced Brochures & Flyers

Once we have the coming soon advertisements running, our next step is to begin to prepare for the listing to go live in MLS.

Our goal here is to help YOUR LISTING stand out amongst the crowd.

If we're just one of a handful of showings in one day, the buyers will likely be receiving information on each listing from the listing agent.  More often than not (if they're lucky), they get a printout from MLS along with a with a copy of the disclosures.  

It usually looks like this:

We've hired a local graphic designer to design a template for listing packets that we use for all of our listings.

7. Go Live in MLS 📣

Now we're live!  

We'll get it uploaded into MLS with all of the property details, photos, disclosures & floor plans.  From here, every agent and buyer in the local marketplace will have access to the information and we'll be available to begin showing the property.

8. Online Exposure & Listing Syndication

Once we're live, we'll  begin to get exposed on all of the major search portals including Zillow,, Trulia,, and

This is where most of the buyers are and we want to make sure you're featured there as well.

Zillow is the #1️⃣ most trafficked website in the Providence Metro Market and we're a Premier Agent with Zillow.

The benefit to you, as a seller, when listing with a Premier Agent is that our contact information is listed first as opposed to agents who pay to advertise in your zip code.  With being listed first, the hope is that any potential buyers call us first.  If they contact another agent first, that agent's primary objective will be to convert that call into a client.  They would be just as happy to sell the client any home on the market, not necessarily yours.

9. "Just Listed" Facebook Ad Campaign & Email Blast

Once we're live in MLS, we'll begin the next phase of our Facebook marketing & email blast campaign.  Tapping into our database mentioned above, we'll craft another Facebook ad to our target market announcing that the listing has gone live.

From there, we'll scour our database - which includes thousands of contacts for people who have expressed an interest in real estate in your area - and blast out an email announcing the new listing.

10. "Just Listed" Postcards 📬

Once the listing goes live, we'll order postcards and mail them to your immediate neighborhood announcing the listing for sale.  The reason why we do this, and why we have so much success with them, is because we want to get the neighbors talking!


You never know if they're looking for a bigger or smaller home in the same area,  or if they have family or friends looking to buy in the neighborhood.  

The more people that know and are talking about the listing - the better!

11.  Social Media Marketing Campaign 

We obviously ❤️ Facebook and are big believers in the power of advertising on that platform.  

It's proven to be one of - if not the most effective way - to market homes if done correctly

 However, we still feel other social media networks have great value as well!


We'll make sure your listing is featured on our Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & SnapChat pages exposing it to an even wider audience.

12.  Open Houses 🚪

We 💛 Open Houses

We know some sellers REALLY love open houses as well and think they should be done every weekend.  Our feeling is that's a little overkill and can sometimes make buyers feel like the sellers are desperate to sell.  

We often suggest open houses every 2-4 weeks while the house is listed as Active in MLS.  

We also know some sellers REALLY hate open houses.  We work for you and you're the boss!   If you don't want them, we don't have to do them.

NST Mega Open House Strategy

We've found great success with open houses by marketing them effectively.  Most agents would just list the open house in MLS, make sure it synced to Zillow,, etc., put out a few signs and 🙏pray for a great turnout.  

Sometimes they get it.... other times, they get skunked. '


Our strategy ties in with our coming soon strategy, just listed advertising campaign and maximizing our lead database.

By running the coming soon ad through Facebook, we're able to collect contact information for many potential buyers before the listing even goes live.  Based on that ad, we are able to build a list - sometimes with a few hundred contacts - that specifically showed an interest in the listing.

This provides us with a VIP open house invitation list. 📧

Once scheduled, we'll run yet another Facebook Ad announcing the open house to our target market and circle back around with an emailed invitation to anyone that has expressed an interest in not only your listing - but anything in your area.

13. Instant Lead Follow Up

So what happens with all of these leads when they register through Facebook to see more property details?

We follow up with them immediately & automatically!

Whether or not myself or another agent on our team is available, our customer relationship management (CRM) system sends out an email and text message asking what the registrant thought of your listing.  This is a chance for us to create a dialogue and, hopefully, set an appointment for the lead to see your property.

14. Solicit & Forward All Feedback

One of the first things taught to me in this industry is that the market is going to speak to you in one of three ways.

First, we'll list the house, do all of our marketing, will get great activity, and will receive a fair and reasonable offer fairly quickly.  This is the market indicating that we were priced, RIGHT!


Second, we'll list the house, do all of our marketing, hold open houses, but we will not get any activity.  We will not get many calls from other agents and potential buyers.  The open house might not have many attendees.  This is the market indicating that despite all the marketing, we're just priced way TOO HIGH.

Finally, we'll list the house, do all of our marketing, get activity and a steady stream of potential buyers through the door - but NO offers.  

This is the market saying we're priced well enough to look at, but something about the house is holding buyers back from making an offer.

So what do we do when the market speaks to us in the third way?

We have to listen to the feedback. 

We follow up with anyone who sees the home first-hand or expresses an interest in it online to find out what their thoughts are on the property.  We don't need to listen to each and every piece of feedback. Our goal is to look for the trends & determine if there is a common point of concern that we can address.

15. Neighborhood Alerts

I'm sure we've all heard it before as it's one of the oldest adages in the real estate industry:

📍 Location, Location, Location 📍

The biggest driver of your home's value is where it's located. Due to that, we've found that it's very important for both the agent and the seller to be in tune with what's going on in the local marketplace in the area immediately surrounding your listing.

We can set you up on an automatic MLS update that will notify you when new listings hit the market in your neighborhood, when one goes under agreements or when one sells, closes & becomes public record.  

16.  Review Pricing as Needed

Our goal is to price every listing correctly out of the gate as you usually receive the most money when homes sell early in the marketing period.  💰

The longer they stay on the market, the larger the likelihood that buyers will start to wonder why the house hasn't sold, and it will become what we call a "stale listing".  

Once the property has that reputation, you usually need to make a price change and often end up chasing the market down.

Based on that, it's important to put a plan in place with your agent to know when the time is right to make a price change based on the average days on market in your neighborhood and price range.

17. Print Advertising 🗞️

While we don't think it's the best use of marketing dollars, we still do some print advertising as we don't want to leave anything on the table.

We utilize local publications such as The Real Estate Book & Homes Magazine 🗞

For our higher-end listings, we're always happy to discuss other avenues as well, when it makes sense.

18. Paperless Transaction Capability

We use DocuSign Transaction Rooms for all of our real estate sales.  Through the use of this program, all buyers, sellers & agents will have access to retrieve all of the documents related to the sale online through their unique portal at any time.  

Further, you'll have the ability to eSign any documents, saving you time.

19. Regular Check-Ins

We'll be in touch on a regular basis throughout the entire process.  We're not going to list the property and then have you not hear from us for weeks on end.  We'll be in touch with regular feedback and updates on our marketing.  

Beyond that, we want you to know that we're always available by phone, email & text.

20. No Unattended Showings

My team does 100% of our showings on our occupied listings!

The only time we ever use a lockbox is on our vacant listings, but we do feel it's important for us to be present at showings as much as possible.

Why? You hired us to SELL the home!

We know the property better than anyone else and need to be there to answer questions, point out all the wonderful features, collect immediate feedback and make sure the property is secured once the showing is completed.

21. Day-to-Day Listing Agreements

Finally, we offer a unique seller service pledge that includes a "day-to-day" listing agreement.


If we're not doing our job, we should be fired.

We do list for 6 months for MLS purposes but offer you the ability to cancel anytime.  We like to say that we work on a handshake.


Will you owe any money?

NO - The only way we get paid is if the property successfully closes!

In our mind, the 6-month listing agreement is truly 180 one day listing agreements.  We need to prove ourselves each and every day.  Beyond that, there is nothing more important to us than our reputation and we don't want to keep clients in agreements that they don't want to be in.


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